ASMOF – the Doctors Union, represents the interests of medical practitioners, from interns to senior staff specialists, working in the public and non-government health systems in NSW.

What’s a union?

A union is simply a group of workers who collectively use their strength and pool their resources to give people a voice in the workplace and fight for fair pay and conditions.

Because ASMOF is a union it has the legal right to enforce and improve your employment conditions, ensure you get the correct pay and advocate on your behalf if you ever have an issue in the workplace.

ASMOF also has a central role in overseeing employment conditions generally, with formal input into local, regional and state-wide decisions.

ASMOF is run by doctors for doctors.

Our governing body brings in doctors at all levels of the health system – from interns to staff specialists.

ASMOF has a dedicated committee of doctors in training, ensuring your particular interests are heard and respected.

Our staff are industrial specialists who are experienced in working within the health system.

Do doctors really need a union when we have so many other associations?

Only a registered union has the legal standing to enforce your award.

If you are not getting paid correctly – only ASMOF can conduct a pay audit and ensure your money is recovered.

If you are rostered unreasonable hours – only ASMOF can enforce your conditions and make sure your roster is safe.

If you are harassed and/or bullied – only ASMOF can escalate the issue.

And when the time comes to review your pay and conditions – only ASMOF has the legal voice for its members as their representative to negotiate improvements.

Only ASMOF – the Doctors Union, can enforce your rights at work. 

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